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Fiscally Responsible Individual Tax Preparation Services

Pay no more than what you owe with our aggressive individual tax preparation services. At CS Services in West Covina, California, we offer three individual packages (bronze, silver, and platinum programs) to match your specific needs.

Bronze Program

The bronze program costs between $100 and $175. With this package, our company provides a minor consultation to make sure that we have all of the tax paperwork. Our team also ensures there aren't any deductions missing and that all of the necessary information is in our hands. In order to achieve the best refund, our company probes for additional situations and opportunities.

Silver Program

By hiring us for the silver program, our staff examines the last years' tax returns looking for opportunities to amend your previous return. We also find out things that your former tax preparer missed to see if a mishap can be amended. The silver program costs $200 and includes going back three years to provide you with a thorough study.

Business Meeting - Individual Tax Preparation

Gold Program

With our gold program, you get everything from the other programs plus a mid-year evaluation for the next year's tax return. This allows you to make sure that you either get the optimum refund or don't owe anything at all the following year. Whether you need a change on your W4 or other tax-related strategies, our staff checks for necessary modifications and applies them to the current year.

The cost for gold program is $225, and you are also provided with a tax update newsletter listing all of the developments in the tax industry. This publication features unknown strategies that people are not aware of, as well as other essential and useful information.

Contact us to enjoy more free time with your family and friends while we carry out your individual tax preparation.